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Just because no one is threatening you with jail time does not mean you're free from all legal threats. A perception of deep pockets may make you a target for frivolous civil suits. And property ownership often invites liability claims.

Protect your business

Your business must comply with more regulations than you can count. From startup formation to mediating labor disputes, put George Dunn's 40 years of experience to work for you.


Using law for your benefit

Too many of us think of law in negative terms. But laws protect your rights by prohibiting others from taking unfair advantage of you. We help you use the law for your protection and benefit.

We'll fight for your rights and reputation

  • Driver's license restoration

  • Contract creation and review

  • Mediation and contract dispute resolution

  • Business litigation

  • Regulation compliance

  • Traffic ticket challenges

  • Expunging criminal records

  • Liability protection

  • Local statute disputes

  • Startup formation: partnerships, LLC's,

       sub-s corporations.